Just a little wine…

Peacock-colored stemless wine glasses

Something new is coming! I am so excited that I had just mix some paint and give this a try. But first, aren’t these colors delicious?

So, yes! I am working on stemless wine glasses with matching coasters. Okay, I got the coaster thing down, but the wine glasses are new.

Matching coasters

I have taped the mouth area off so, fingers crossed, it stays paint free because eewww…who wants to paint touching their lips? I have a top-rack dishwasher safe coating to use on it. Tomorrow or the next day, they will be dry. I will be able to see if the tape does its job, and how they look. The coasters will coated with resin.

I also will be experimenting with charcuterie boards as well. I have a few boards coming in on Friday.

What a way to add elegance to your happy hour! Keep watching for the product placement.

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