So Much Stuff…

I had website that was focused on weight loss on which I posted several yummy recipes. I finally transferred them all over to this site. While I am still trying to lose weight, it is no longer my all-consuming focus. I am focusing on being healthier.

I spent several months (and a lot of money) figuring out many of my health problems. I forced doctors to order, and I paid for a lot of testing to finally get diagnosis for a lot of pain. There were a lot of incorrect assumptions made by doctors, which caused me to live with a lot of pain for a long time.

But there is a lot of good news! With correct diagnoses, I have been able to manage my pain levels, and I feel much better. I love to walk. And while I am on a hiatus from walking (due to a torn tendon), I am looking forward to getting back on the trail!

I am also working on getting both the Facebook shop and this shop up and going. This is going to my primary focus for the next few weekends.

I am also thinking about focusing on artistic home items more than canvases, vases, coasters, bowls, and jewelry, etc. I am still thinking. Now, off to the art space!

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