Putannesca Sauce

Putannesca is also one of my favorite sauces. It is salty, tangy, and so, so yummy. Traditionally, this would have anchovies or anchovy paste in it. Since I am allergic to fish and seafood, this is anchovy free. Like all my recipes, I wing it. I am going to give some measurements. But if you love olives, put more in! If you love spicy, use more pepper flakes. If you can’t stand spice (or allergic like my friend Amy), leave out the pepper flakes. Have fun with your food!

14 oz can of diced tomatoes (San Marzano are my favorite. But I have been known to use Krogers)
.25 c of olives. I usually use kalamata olives. I love their saltiness.
.5 tablespoon of capers. I use more.
2 cloves of garlic smashed or chopped (smashing is more fun the chopping)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
Basil to taste (I use 2-3 leaves. If you are using fresh, the roll the leaf, slice into ribbons.)
Red Pepper flakes to taste

Heat the olive oil in a skillet (I use a 10 in). Add the garlic and cook for just a minute. Be careful not to burn the garlic. Then, dump everything into the pan and lower the heat. Let it simmer while you cook your pasta. Combine sauce and pasta. Grate a little Parm. And YUM!

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