What’s Going On?

So, I got my site started; then, I haven’t been back to it over a month. Arg!!!! I have been swamped on many fronts. And in my downtime, I am tired. So, there have been a lot of naps. It is funny. As a kid, NO NAPS. As an adult, I love my naptime. While I don’t always fall asleep, it is down time. So, what have I been up to?

I have been working on the theatre companies website. YAY! It is going live Tuesday. I am so excited. It looks good and genuinely elevates the image of the company. So, spending time on my website has not been my priority.

I also helped out at A Public Fit’s auditions last weekend. No, I didn’t audition. While part of me would love to be on stage, I am not talented enough to hold my own with our company. But, it was wonderful to be in company of the caring, supportive, wonderful people that have become my dear my friends. Also, it was thrilling to see so many new faces of talented people. It will help to deepen the talent pool of our company, and that is exciting. We also have some events and other things happening.

I have been going to several medical appointments. I have been in pain for several years, all over pain. But none of the diagnoses ever resonated as correct. My pain was often discounted as a side-effect of being fat. Well, I finally yelled that I lost 80 pounds. I still hurt. There is something wrong. So, it has been an expensive couple of months of MRIs, testing, and appointments. And I have some answers. Bursitis in my hip and knee. A torn tendon in my ankle. Herniated disks in my back. I don’t have answers from the neurological testing. But they will be forthcoming soon. However, with some minor medical interventions, my pain levels have decreased considerably. For the first time in a long time, I am feeling optimistic about getting my health back. But all of this takes a lot of mental and emotional bandwidth.

I want to get back to being active, but I am sidelined, sorta. I am in boot for at least six weeks. I am looking for chair exercises to keep me moving. I am working to get my eating back on track. I am going to working on finishing the weight loss specialist certification. Focusing on the Health and Wellness Coaching aspect of my life will help me get myself together.

I am in love!
I also have paintings like this too!

So, today, I finally got into my art space. I mixed and poured resin on six coasters. I love making coasters; they are small, creative, practical, and fun. Kinda like me…okay, I am not that small. But, I am creative, practical, and fun! I also got much of the materials ready for an art commission. I have some paint to mix, but I have almost everything together. I have ideas for this piece, well, two canvases. It is a diptych. I am excited about this. I really hope my ideas and his expectations are compatible.

I am also helping a friend with her regional Burning Man project. I started doing something with macramé leaves. It isn’t working, but I have another project in mind. I am excited about it. I love creating things. I am also okay that it will be burned. I am not investing too much into the projects. But you may find some new things in shop.

I have a few other things whirling around my life, taking considerable bandwidth, time, and energy. But, I am taking vacation time starting next Friday. While I am going to a family wedding, I will be spending a lot of “me” time. Arting, sleeping, and yes…working on my website and FB shop.

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